License Plates with Raised Graphics

When only the best will do, our 3-D License Plates are the perfect solution. Made durable for years of outdoor advertising, 3-D License Plates are more than 1/8" thick with 3-D copy raised approximately 1/16" from the background.


  • Made to withstand car washes, sunlight, and road salts.
  • Raised colors are finest available for outdoor weatherability.
Available Plastic Colors.
Available Print Colors.
Due to variables in plastic and foil formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed. Colors should be selected from a current color chip or product sample due to batch variations.


Item # LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4-BK, LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4-OC

 Hard High Impact Polystyrene plastic.
Plastic Colors:
  BK is molded in Black plastics, OC is molded in White or one of twelve (12) stock plastic colors.
Price Includes: One plastic color and one raised print color.  Plastic without Ultra Violet Inhibitors (UVI) will shift color after prolonged exterior exposure. 
For plastic UVI upgrade add $1.65 (R) per plate.
Print colors: For print surface longevity, we recommend chrome rather than bright silver. 
Attachments: Slots or holes as pictured. Screws are not provided.

LP1        6" x 12"
LP2        4-3/8" x 12"
LP3        6" x 12"
LP4        6-1/2" x 12"


List of Product Variations for License Plates with Raised Graphics
Item # Options Setup Starts At 125 250 500 1000 2500
LP1-BK, LP3-BK, LP4-BK Black recycled plastic $160.00 5.94 4.14 3.39 3.04 2.99
LP2-BK Black recycled plastic $150.00 5.64 3.84 3.09 2.74 2.69
LP1-OC, LP2-OC, LP3-OC, LP4-OC All other plastic colors $160.00 6.22 4.47 3.76 3.37 3.31
LP2-OC All other plastic colors $150.00 6.04 4.26 3.51 3.12 3.06
Extra print color Base price is for one print color, add for each extra raised color. $35.00 0.39 0.34 0.29 0.22 0.20

LP1-BK, LP2-BK, LP3-BK, LP4-BK, LP1B-OC, LP2B-OC, and LP3B-OC, LP4B-OC are (V5R) Extra print color is (V)
Setup charge(s) on first order only unless changes are made.
Contact factory for quantities not shown.
Molded more that 1/8" thick for years of outdoor advertising.
3-D copy raised approximately 1/16" from background.

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