Fundraising Items for Schools and other Non-Profits.

Items created especially with schools, clubs, sport teams, and other non-profits in mind.

Custom car badges use the school mascot, club insignia, or any identifying logo as the shape of the emblem. School mascot for the carTypically molded in black plastic with raised chrome so that it looks good on any car color. These come with strip adhesive Item # VN14A or full coverage die cut adhesive Item # DCA9 on the back.
These nameplates are made to go through car washes, take on blistering summers and harsh winters.

License Plate Badges make a great lightweight mailer piece. When this is in an envelope with any solicitation, the recipient will be curious to see what's inside and when they open it and the license plate badge falls out, they still won't know what it is, so they'll have to pull out the sheet and read the message. It's a way to get "eyeballs on the page".

Also, LBAs are just odd enough to get a 2nd look, which is what we all want in advertising.

Available Plastic Colors.
Available Print Colors.
Due to variables in plastic and foil formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed. Colors should be selected from a current color chip or product sample due to batch variations.


Car Emblems
Maximum Size: Up to 2" x 7" not over 14 square inches. For larger sizes see CDBK-A

Attachments: Double coated exterior grade foam adhesive strip applied to back (item # ending in A), or as many countersunk holes (item # ending in H) as needed. To assure a proper bond, the adhesive tape must be applied to clean, dry, wax-free surface at an ambient temperature between 65 F & 99 F.

It is important the adhesive has sufficient amount of pressure applied, evenly from corner to corner, to insure the foam carrier fills all voids in the substrate.

After the tape is properly applied allow up to 72 hours for the adhesive to become fully bonded to the

Screws are not provided with nameplates.

Prices Includes: Black plastic, one raised print color, and one adhesive strip for item VN14A or Full Die Cut Adhesive for item DCA9
For other plastic colors, see item CDeOC-A

License Plate Badges: 
1" x 7-3/4", fits all 6" x 12" license plates in North America.
Attachments: Holes. Screws are not provided.
Price Includes: One plastic color and one raised print color.

See our video on Fundraising 


List of Product Variations for Fundraising Items for Schools and other Non-Profits.
Item # Options Setup Starts At 125 250 500 1000 2500
VN14A / Car Emblem with Strip Adhesive Black plastic with one print color and one strip of adhesive tape. $95.00 2.43 1.69 1.37 1.01 0.96
DCA9 / Car Emblem with Die Cut Adhesive Black plastic with one raised print color and die cut tape on the back. $115.00 4.42 2.96 2.49 2.24 2.19
LBA-BK / LP Badge in Black Plastic Black plastic with one print color and either holes or no adhesive tape. $75.00 1.68 1.22 .96 .78 .74
LBA-WH / LP Badge in White Plastic White plastic and one raised stock print color $75.00 2.09 1.56 1.24 1.07 1.01
LBA-OC / LP Badge in Other Stock Plastic Colors Other stock plastic colors and one raised stock print color. $75.00 2.69 2.04 1.58 1.32 1.27
Extra print color Base price is for one print color, add for each extra raised color. $35.00 0.39 0.34 0.29 0.22 0.20
SPB / Stapled or Heat Sealed Poly Bag Staple provided header to our poly bag or heat seal bag without header. $0 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15 0.15

Items VN14A and LBA are (V5R).
Extra print color and packaging options are (V).
Setup charge(s) on first order only unless changes are made.
Contact factory for quantities not shown.

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