Exterior Nameplates in White Plastic with Strip Adhesive

Custom Designed 3-D lntenor Nameplates are ideal for office equipment, point of purchase displays, equipment identification, award ad-ons, or anywhere information is needed for interior applications.
Pricing is by size, not by design. Multiply the height by the width to calculate the square inch area.


  • Best solution for extended identification
  • White plastic only
  • Strip adhesive applied to back
  • Your custom shape or logo provides endless creative possibilities
  • Raised or recessed graphic for an image that remains to be seen
Available Plastic Colors.
Available Print Colors.
Due to variables in plastic and foil formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed. Colors should be selected from actual product samples due to printing variations and limitations.


Plastic Color:  White Plastic has Ultraviolet Inhibitors (UVI), which helps maintains original color. Some color shifting will occur after prolonged exterior exposure.

Attachment: Double coated exterior grade foam adhesive strip(s) is applied to back. To assure a proper bond, the adhesive tape must be applied to clean, dry, wax-free surface at an ambient temperature between 65 F & 99 F.

It is important the adhesive has sufficient amount of pressure applied, evenly from corner to corner, to insure the foam carrier fills all voids in the substrate.

After the tape is properly applied allow up to 72 hours for the adhesive to become fully bonded to the

Price Includes:  White plastic color, one raised print color, and adhesive strip(s).


List of Product Variations for Exterior Nameplates in White Plastic with Strip Adhesive
Item # Size Setup Starts At 125 250 500 1000 2500
CDeWH-4A Up to 4.9 Square Inches $95.00 2.28 1.56 1.34 1.04 0.98
CDeWH-9A 5 to 9.9 Square Inches $115.00 3.16 2.16 1.68 1.48 1.43
CDeWH-16A 10 to 16.9 Square Inches $125.00 3.71 2.48 2.03 1.76 1.69
CDeWH-24A 17 to 24.9 Square Inches $155.00 4.36 2.94 2.76 2.36 2.29
Extra print color Base price is for one print color, add for each extra raised color. $35.00 0.39 0.34 0.29 0.22 0.20

Maximum Size is 6" x 16" Minimum Size is 3/8" x 1"
Items CDeWH-4A, CDeWH-9A, CDeWH-16A, and CDeWH-24A are (V5R)  Extra print color is (V)
Setup charge(s) on first order only unless changes are made. Contact factory for quantities not shown and for larger square inch sizes.

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