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Fundraising Items for Schools and other Non-Profits

Items created especially with schools, clubs, sport teams, and other non-profits in mind.

Custom car badges use the school mascot, club insignia, or any identifying logo as the shape of the emblem. Typically molded in black plastic with raised chrome so that it looks good on any car color. These come with strip adhesive Item # VN14A or full coverage die cut adhesive Item # DCA9 on the back.  These nameplates are made to go through car washes, take on blistering summers and harsh winters.

License Plate Badges make a great lightweight mailer piece. When this is in an envelope with any solicitation, the recipient will be curious to see what's inside and when they open it and the license plate badge falls out, they still won't know what it is, so they'll have to pull out the sheet and read the message. It's a way to get "eyeballs on the page".  Also, LBAs are just odd enough to get a 2nd look, which is what we all want in advertising.

Auto Nameplates - Die Cut Adhesive

Die Cut Adhesive Nameplates are an extra step toward excellence with an O.E.M. appearance for discriminating auto dealers.

Auto Nameplates - Custom

Custom car emblems allow auto dealer’s unlimited creative control.

Key Tags and Zipper Pulls