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Design Information


Electronic emailed art files are the preferred method of receiving artwork. All graphics and fonts should be vectored and files converted for use on MS Windows platform.
We will accept the following vector file extensions: .CDR-CorelDraw, .EPS-Encapsulated Postscript, or .PDF-Adobe Acrobat.  Artwork that is not suitable for our set up process is subject to cleanup at a rate of $40.00 (V) per hour. With your properly vectored art file and clear instructions, we will provide the first virtual proof and one (1) revision at no charge. Additional revisions will be done at a rate of $25.00 (V) each.

Custom made is easy, just answer these 5 questions.
  1. Interior or Exterior use?

  2. Size?  We mold up to 6” x 16”

  3. Plastic color?  (see color grid on each product page)

  4. Print Color(s)?  (see color grid on each product page)

  5. Attachment?  None, countersunk hole(s), strip tape, die cut tape, pin, clip, magnet, magnetic strip, loop strap, belt strap, bead chain, split ring, combination hanger/easel.

Proof Approval:

Please check the following: size, plastic color, print color and attachment. Berlekamp Plastics, Inc. is not responsible for errors or omissions after the proof has been approved and the order acknowledged.

Size Calculation:

All custom design items are priced by size, not by design. To calculate the size, measure the height and multiply it by the length to calculate the square inch area.

Method of Imprint:

We use exterior and interior grade hot stamp foils for a wide range of pigments and metallic effects. Four color process or halftones are not available.
Color chip(s) indicating all material colors used in manufacturing are provided for approval at no charge.
We offer two shades of Chrome/Metallic Silver imprint color: a very bright, reflective shade, and a darker shade. We have determined that the darker chrome lasts significantly longer than the brighter one.
As there are many variables involved with exterior exposure, we cannot forecast the life cycle of either product;
however we do recommend using the darker of the two foils for extended longevity.
Due to variables in plastic and foil formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed.

Extra Raised Color Charges:

There is no limit to the number of spot colors that can be designed into our product. Spot colors require approximately 1/16” separation between colors. Flat printing has some line width and detail limitations. PMS color match, halftone or four color process is not available.

Examples of Imprints:

Both Spot and Flat Print Colors.

Flat Print Colors without Separation.

Spot Colors with Separation

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