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Ken Berlekamp, Jr. CAS

Position: President

A Little Bit About Berlekamp Plastic-Ad Line

Founded in 1929 by Kenneth I. Berlekamp Sr., The Berlekamp Sign Company began as a screen printing shop.  With $4.50 in his pocket, plenty of time, and a unique idea, Ken Sr. had learned  the process of screen printing and began selling silkscreened metal signs for what was then known as the “Novelty Industry”.

In the mid 1940s, according to the Society of Plastic Engineers, Berlekamp was recognized as the first company to use the injection molding process to manufacture a novelty item - a key tag in the shape of a razorback hog for the University of Arkansas.  For many years, plastics were a small part of the Berlekamp line, with most of the focus on large metal signage, imprinted glassware, and reflective decals.

Over the years, Berlekamp Sign Co. became Berlekamp Corporation and then in 1972 Berlekamp Plastics, Inc., to reflect our changing product line.

Still family owned and operated since 1979 by Ken Jr. and his wife Sandra, The Berlekamp promise has always been “First in Quality . . . Made to Last”.  We pledge to continue our company’s historical commitment of providing exceptional items at a competitive price with products that are 100% American made at our Ohio factory.

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